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who was robert taylor?

Robert Taylor height 5'4", Brown hair, hazel eyes was a convict who Arrived in Sydney on 27 January 1820 on board the convict ship "Prince Regent"

He was transported for 7 years, convicted on 20 March 1819 at age 26.  He was tried at the Lancaster Assizes.   His crime was larceny.

Native Place - Wigan /occupation at time of sentence  "weaver"

1821 Sep 8,.  On list of all persons victualled from H.M. Magazines. the Colonial Secretary Index shows occupation as Brickmaker

the Muster of 1822 shows Robert Taylor,  Prince Regent,  working in Sydney - Govt. Brickmaker.

The Muster of 1823, 1824, 1825 shows him in Government Employ at Liverpool.

1825 - On return of men & boys belonging to Carters Barracks who have been exempted from the Treadwheel by the Acting Engineer

Certificate of Freedom no. 89/5061 dated 23 March 1826 - had occupation at time of sentence as "weaver".   Wigan in Lancashire was a "Mill Town" - very large cotton mills.

Robert Taylor owned a large amount of land at Taylor's Square Sydney.   It was bounded by Oxford Street, then called South Head Road, Botany Road and Sydney Common - approx 2 acres and 47 roods. He owned the buildings as well and rented them out.

Robert married a Margaret Hough in Wigan, Lancastershire, in 1814 and had three children The eldest daughter Ann Taylor born 1814 in Wigan came to Sydney with her husband, John Higham in c1837 and they had six children

1828 Census shows Robert Taylor living at South Head Road, Occupation Brickmaker, age 40.  His " wife" was Hannah Taylor, Ticket of Leave -  her ship was Mary Ann 2.  She arrived in 1815 with a 14 year sentence.  Her age was also listed as 40.   There were six other males - all brickmakers living at the same address.

January 1833 Sketch of Part of South Head Road showing the situation of the Well now sinking by Taylor, alongside of Mr Busby's Bore for the supply of Sydney with Water.  This sketch accompanied the letter to Major Mitchell Surveyor General.

Busby v. Taylor

Supreme Court of New South Wales

Dowling and Burton JJ, 1 March 1833

1833 - Colonial Secretary Correspondence re Land - a letter dated 11 November 1833 re Dispute re fencing on Robert Taylor's property at South Head Road on land adjoining Mr Chisholm's property.  Robert Taylor threatened to shoot Government fencers.

4 May 1835 - A Mortgage by Demise was taken out between Robert Taylor to The Vice President and Trustees of the Savings Bank of New South Wales.   Description of the Land or Property conveyed was the parcel of land containing two acres and forty seven roods (more or less) situate lying and being in the Parish of Alexandria and County of Cumberland bounded on the NOrth by the South Head Road five hundred and ten feet on the East by the Sydney Common two hundred feet on the south by the reserved Road to the Botany Bay Road five hundred and eleven feet and on the west by a line two hundred feet to the South Head Road.

Five hundred pounds of lawful money of Great Britain in hand paid. 

22 October 1842 - SMH - Ten Pound Reward offered by Robert Taylor for information re the shooting of his guard dog.

27 April 1843 - SMH - A Petition was read from Robert Taylor re loss of income from his properties on South Head Road caused by the Council when road building caused water to run off and his tenants to leave.

Electoral Rolls - Cooks Ward 1842-3 - Robert Taylor, House, Surry Hills
1845/6, freehold, South Head Road.

28 June 1848 -Robert Taylor Leased to Jas Gannon, licensed Victualler, property known as the Queens Arms for 5 years

photo 1869-71

4 October 1849 Robert Taylor took out a mortgage with R. Campbell from Bank NSW for 325 pounds which was released on 1 October 1856

Will of Robert Taylor dated 8 August 1849 (copy in file - not complete) - outline - leaves all property to nephew, John Taylor late of Wigan, Lancashire, now of Sydney for life and on John Taylor's death an income of One Pound per week to go the his widow then on the death of the widow the property is to go to Robert Taylor's grandchildren - the children of Ann and John Higham. Jas Gannon was one of the witnesses.

Robert Taylor died on 16 May 1850 aged 58.He was buried at Camperdown Cemetery on 18 May 1850.

at right the inscription on his grave which reads..

 Sacred to the memory of
late of South Head Road
who departed this life the 16th May 1850.

Go home dear friends and shed no tears.
I shall lie here till Christ appears.
Repent in time while time you have.
Theres no repentance in the grave.

30 December 1854, John Taylor, leased to Mary Ann Kelly a property in Taylors Lane, Old South Head Road (book 35 No. 271)

Fifteen parcels of land were conveyed in November 1868 to the Higham grandchildren, William Lynch, Licensed Victualler, lately a Grocer and John Roberts of Botany Street Surrey Hills Drayman,  trustees of the marriage settlement of Eli Daw and Mary Daw formerly Mary Higham Spinster of the first part, Charles Campbell of Sydney aforesaid Gentleman and Betsey his wife formerly Betsey Higham of the second part, Robert Higham of Taylor Street Sydney aforesaid Drayman of the third part, James Terrey of the South Head Road in Sydney aforesaid Land Owner and Grocer and John Richard Baker of the South Head Road Road aforesaid Pawnbroker Trustees of the Marriage Settlement of William Jones and Margaret Jones formerly Margaret Higham spinster of the fourth part, James Anderson of Sydney aforesaid Chief Clerk in the office of the Master in Equity and the Trustee appointed in the    hereinafter referred to to convey the Estate and interest o fht Infant Defendants as hereinafter mentioned of the fifth part and John Roberts Junior of Paddington near Sydney aforesaid Carter of the sixth part whereas by a Decree of the Supreme Coart of New South Wales in its Equitable Jurisdiction dated the twenty third day of April one thousand eight hundred and sixty one made in a cause wherein the said Eli Daw, Mary Daw, Betsey Higham and Margaret Higham and John Higham were plaintiffs and William Hellyer and William Jones were Defendants it was declared that under the trusts of the Will of Robert Taylor the Testator named in the pleadings in the said cause the plaintiffs Mary Daw Betsey Higham Robert Higham Margaret Higham and John Higham being the children of John Higham and Anne Higham named in the said Will of the said Testator were entitled equallyh during the lifetime of th Widow of John Taylor the Nephew of the said Testator in the said Will of the said Testator etc.

the building depicted below was demolished when road widening took place

it was on the north west corner of the taylor estate.

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